Research in Education and Community Intervention (RECI)


Management institutions

The organic structure set forth for RECI is intended to respond to articulating social and heath education research, social policies and interventions and being capable to maximizing expertise available in both partners and benefiting from the community based expertise to better intervene, use and implement the best practices being tested.

Management structure, as described in its bylaws is organized by four organs:

Scientific Coordinator: Zaida de Aguiar Sá Azeredo

Coodinating Commitee: Directed by the Scientific Coordinator (Zaida de Aguiar Sá Azeredo), being the other two members the Scientific Line Coodinators : Line 1 : Rita Barros, Line 2: Maria João Oliveira

Scientific Council: Composed by all integrated researchers of RECI. 

Scientific Advisory Committee: Composed by a number of invited renowned scientists in the research areas included in RECI. Their mission is to accompany and advise on the project implementation methodologies and results assessment: José Antonio Caride Gómez, Rogério Roque Amaro e Leo Pas.

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