Why study at Instituto Piaget in Portugal

The decision to gain an academic experience with an international dimension is a strategic one, one of the most assertive decisions that can be taken nowadays. Studying outside the country of origin provides not only a unique opportunity to discover new cultures and knowledge, but also to develop better skills and abilities and to evolve in terms of personal growth.

Thus we invite the international academic community to get to know our education and training offer, the Portuguese cities where our Schools and Institutes are located, and the infrastructure that supports our undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s courses in such diverse fields as Health Sciences and Technology, Sports and Physical Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Education and Training, Management, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychokinetics and Occupational Health, and Environment, Safety and Security.

The hereby Guide contains some useful information for the head-start preparation of your international adventure so that it may turn into an unforgettable experience, and an investment in yourself that will bring you academic, personal, professional and cultural rewards with echoes in the future.